About me: Tessa Pinner. Artist, wife, and dog mum living in the Southeastern US. Lover of old things, stories, traveling, and plants. 

About this online space: Smashcake is a journal dedicated to eating and making, because these two actions root us to the earth and connect us to each other, no matter who or where we are. It starts small, with the ground beneath one's own feet, at home. My first project is an extension of the work I'm already doing, a gentle widening of the circle. I currently design wedding cakes. (You can see more of that here). Educated in fine art but entirely self-taught when it comes to baking, I often find myself wishing that I had a more complete foundation of basic principles. So I'm planning out a simple curriculum to fill in the gaps in my own knowledge, and I invite anyone else who wants to learn to join me! I'm also shooting all photos myself on film with a Canon 35mm 1v, delving into that medium as well. 

Maybe eventually I will also write about other things that I love. Like travel, or art, or gardens. But starting this journal in one little corner means owning up to where I am in life right now, digging down deep, finding joy, and making it as beautiful as I can. 

Eat. Make. Travel. Grow.